LBC Remittance or Instant Pera Padala (IPP) is a way of sending cash to another person.

The steps in remitting payment via LBC are as follows:

1. Go to an LBC branch.

2. Get a remittance form as seen below and fill in the following fields.

a. Branch Pickup (Red box) - Check the box and write "ANY LBC Branch" in the Preferred Branch

b. Shipper's Information (Green box) - Enter your name, contact number and signature

c. Amount (Purple box) - Enter the amount that you will be remitting to us in payment for your order.

d. Consignee Information (Blue box) - Enter the following information that was given to you when you ordered.

3. Give the remittance form and cash to the LBC personnel. Note that LBC will charge you a remittance fee of P6 for every P100 for amounts between P1 to P1000 and P60 for amounts between P1001 to P1500.

4. The LBC personnel will give you an LBC receipt. Take a photo of this receipt and send the photo to us via facebook or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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